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Making your day practically
perfect in every way!

Married Poppins exists solely for the purpose of making it possible for you to have a stress free and enjoyable wedding day. You have put so much hard work into planning your perfect day, now sit back and let me take care of the rest!
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Thoughtful Coordination

Wedding decor and set up

Vendor Management

As Cheesy as it sounds, Team work really does makes the dream work! That is why I contact your vendors in advance to go over your event details to ensure we are all on the same page. 

Wedding timeline creation and management

Timeline Creation

From your First look to your last call, I will take your details and create a flexible schedule for  your wedding moments, both big and small! 

wedding set up

Décor & Design

Leave the decorating and tedious details to a professional. Take the day and breathe while everything transforms behind the scenes.


Happy Couples

"I'm so glad Bri was a part of our day because it released me and my mom (the type A ones of the family) to enjoy something we had worked so hard and waited so long for."

- Christie & Jonny

Married on 9/4/21


Get to
know me!

  • Kind but firm
  • Obsessed with musicals
  • Always with an iced coffee in hand
  • Lover of sarcasm & dark humor
  • Profanity is my love language
  • Rather inclined to giggle
  • Mother of two, Max(6) & Libby(2)
  • Wife to one, Chad (37)
  • Oldest of 3 sisters
  • Queen of carpool & grocery store karaoke
  • Sleep talker
  • True crime addict
  • Amateur detective
  • Never backs down from a challenge
  • Heightened intuition

How it all started...

I have been obsessed with all things weddings since I was about 10 years old.  In the early 2000's, I was home watching a movie with my mom while we folded laundry. We would typically watch a Lifetime or Made for TV movie but this time it was a rental - The Wedding Planner! In the first 5 minutes, Jennifer Lopez gives a pep talk to her Bride, alters a Bridesmaid's dress and touches up some falling décor. She also redirects the officiant,  finds the missing and emotional drunk Father of the Bride - all without letting anyone see her sweat! And obviously, she looked fabulous, poised and proficient with her earpiece and concealed emergency kit. In that moment, I knew that was what I wanted to do. I love helping others, I love organizing and I love to be given creative challenges - what a perfect fit! Another term for a wedding coordinator is a chaos coordinator and chaos is where I thrive! I come from a big, loud and busy family so chaos is an environment I am more than comfortable in. When things go awry and everyone else panics, I am laser focused on finding a solution to the madness. I am proud to say that I think I grew up to be exactly like "The Wedding Planner". I am your ultimate hype girl, giving you nothing but endless support and positivity.  I am also your umbrella, shielding you from any dark clouds threatening to rain on your parade.. I am determined to find missing items or people. I have an eye for detail and can balance it all a smile on my face ... and a strong cocktail at the end of the night!  

Wedding coordinator for Married Poppins

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