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Courtney & Brock

Married December 11, 2021

Bri is AMAZING! She is extremely kind, very professional and our families had nothing but positive things to say about her. I can honestly say the wedding weekend would not have gone by as smooth as it did without her. She was able to predict every need we had and address every issue without us even knowing.  Do not hesitate to book with her, she will exceed your expectations and then some! She was on top of everything on the wedding day as well as the weeks leading up. . Without Bri we would not have enjoyed our wedding as much as we did. Hiring Bri was the best decision we made for our wedding day!

Christie & Jonny

Married September 4, 2021

If you are reading this review because you're on the fence, not sure if you really need a wedding coordinator, or if you think you can DIY your wedding and still enjoy the day, let me just stop you here. Hire Bri. Right now, seriously. Don't pass go, don't collect $200. I was in your shoes and I can tell you that hiring Bri was the some of the best money I have ever spent. To give you some background, I have worked in the wedding and event industry for almost ten years and I thought I could do it all myself for my own wedding. Turns out, it's not as fun to be the boss when you want to relax and enjoy a party celebrating your own love story! Thankfully I realized this about a month before our backyard wedding, and within an hour of finding Married Poppins, Bri had a video chat scheduled with me and my mom to go over everything. She gave us a lot of time and attention leading up to the wedding to ensure that all of our needs were understood. She connected with vendors, helped create our timeline and made sure we were staying sane with the covid Delta variant on the rise and insane wildfires (and smoke) encroaching on our region... And that was all before we even met in real life. On the day of our wedding, Bri arrived early, took the reins from me and set up the decor for our entire reception area. The tables looked amazing, and she took care of all of the last minute things I didn't get to (installing hundreds of batteries into flameless candles for example 🙃). She kept the day moving along, made sure people and things were where they needed to be. She got people in line for food, got us on the dance floor for special dances, and put the mic in the hands of our speakers. I never had to think about any of it. As the night went on, Bri got to work bussing and sorting dishes, disassembling tablescapes, collecting and storing trash, and making sure our space was clean and ready for rentals to be picked up. Everyone noticed how amazing she was. Seriously, probably a dozen people came up to me and asked who she was and where we found her. I'm so glad Bri was a part of our day because it released me and my mom (the type A ones of the family) to enjoy something we had worked so hard and waited so long for. I did not stress at all on my wedding day, and that is all thanks to Bri!!!!

Paola & Vinny

Married August 27, 2021
Bri made our wedding day stress free. When we hired her, she immediately introduced herself to our vendors. She made sure that every vendors have a cohesive timeline to follow. She was very proactive and thought of important things that we had forgotten. On our wedding day, she checked on my entourage, guests, vendors, my husband and I to make sure that we’re all doing great. I can’t thank her enough for being there! What an absolute Angel!

Alexis & Tyson

Married August 21, 2021

Bri was nothing less than the saving grace of our wedding day! Planning a wedding is hard enough, and she was able to alleviate much of the stress so that we were able to enjoy our big day. I appreciated that she had a thorough consult with us beforehand about what we envisioned, because she was able to bring it all to life. The bridesmaids and groomsmen also loved having Bri around! She kept everyone on a schedule, and even had a “Bridal emergency kit” that most definitely came in handy throughout the evening. She coordinated our rehearsal dinner, helped decorate, and kept everyone on a timeline, so that we didn’t miss a thing! Most importantly for us, she handled communication with the venue and all of the vendors so all we had to worry about was getting bridal ready. Even when our venue became surrounded by smoke from nearby fires, Bri gave me nothing but endless positivity and emotional support to carry on. Our wedding was better than we ever dreamed it could be, and I can’t help but believe most of that was because of Bri! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better and cannot recommend Bri enough.

Carol & Long

Married July 20 2019

I was beyond shocked on how organized and easily our wedding day flowed. Every little details from vendors, timelines, and gathering our huge wedding party at their right spots was covered that day. Bri was everywhere I looked and handled everything I couldn’t even think of doing on my wedding day, all while 8 months pregnant in summer heat! She was the best thing we invested on for our wedding and I would do it all over again because of her. There was not one ounce of doubt that everything would work out, even with news that our wedding venue had a risk of closing a week prior to the date. She was already prepared to move the whole event else where and even help us find a new place. I recommend her 10000% over and over again.

Kendall & Owen

Married September 9, 2017

Bri was a life saver for us on our wedding day. She kept us on track for time, sailed through speed bumps like they weren't even there (um hello where were you even able to find a LADDER?), and made sure everything from the tiniest details to the biggest action items went off without a hitch. Her attention to detail and her obvious LOVE of events are what make her the must-have event coordinator for one of the biggest days of your life!

Jamella & Billy

Married May 6, 2017

Bri was so great to work with for our wedding. She knew our theme and was a great help with bouncing off ideas for décor and even helped create some pieces for us so that it could be one less thing on our plate to prepare. She really went above and beyond in making sure our day was as stress free as possible. I barely saw her throughout the day, but I knew that she was on top of everything that had to be done because no one ever came to me for questions. That’s how you know you have a good coordinator, she took care of the questions so that we could enjoy our day. I couldn’t have asked for a better coordinator to be there to help with our wedding. I recommended her to friends and family before she moved away from Seattle. if you’re lucky enough to live where she is, I highly recommend her for your events!
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